Our fundraisers making an impact for vulnerable women worldwide. Credit: Caritas Australia

You can help

Women for the World is a movement of Australians standing together against poverty, gender inequality and injustice around the world. 

By hosting events, get-togethers or drinks with friends on Zoom, our fundraisers have helped transformed the lives of women and girls worldwide.  

You too can get involved and make a tangible, lasting impact for countless women.  

Two easy ways to support

100km Walk in September

Lace up your sneakers and hit the ground walking (or running!) for vulnerable women and girls worldwide.  

This September, get involved in our Women For the World 100km challenge and raise crucial funds to transform lives.  


Donate today and help empower women worldwide to build a better future. 

No donation is too small or big - every dollar counts when it comes to uplifting women and girls in need. 

Your support has helped women like Sileap provide for her family. Credit: Caritas Australia

Be a champion for women and girls

Women and girls living in poverty are more susceptible to domestic violence, exploitation and unsafe working conditions.

By supporting Women for the World, you are helping to change lives, create stronger communities and provide hope for a better future.


47 million

women are expected to be pushed further into poverty because of COVID-19


of working people living in poverty are women

193 million

women currently live on less than $1.90 a day


of countries have at least one law that discriminates against women

Tarsini is an inspiration, empowering other women to rebuild their lives. Credit: Laz Harfa

Donate Today

I'd like to make this donation

I would like to give

can provide training and materials in making cloth masks and disinfectant
a month could buy water filters to provide families and students in Malawi with access to clean and safe water

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to support women in vulnerable communities

Donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible